Monday, 19 June 2017

Attempt To Rob A White Man In Enugu State Foiled By Mobile Police Men (See Photos)

Following the capture of the dreaded kidnapping kingpin Evans, and the recent nabbing of criminals, one would have thought that those in these dirty line of businesses will take a chill pill. But obviously, that's not the case. 

An attempt to rob a white man behind Fidelma hotel, independent layout in Enugu State has just be foiled by men of the Nigerian mobile police! This happened less than an hour ago.

An eye witness claimed the robbers were two, they were already robbing some cars in from of the white man when his personal security opened fire against them. Shortly, help came from mobile police men who were around the area. 

The criminals tried to zoom off but one was unlucky as he was shot on his laps by one of the mobile police men. He has been taken away to police station. 

More Details later...

take a closer look at his right lap

Photo Credit: @Olisafincy

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