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Funke Akindele And Toyo Baby Beef: Read The True Story Here (Must Read)

The removal of Juliana Olayode popularly know as Toyo Baby from Funke Akindele's Jenifa series, raised so many eyebrows and different people suggested different things all geared towards the duo having a misunderstanding! 

The both parties have remained coy on this matter until today, Juliana decided to break the ice in what she captioned "The Relationship Between Jenifa And Toyo Baby Uncensored".

Read the post below:

​Thank you for choosing to read this post. It hurts when people spread lies about you and you cannot do anything to defend yourself. But thank God for a platform like this. I would be saying a lot of things; it would be a long read but I promise you would enjoy reading. 

I would be stating in clear terms the relationship I had with Aunty Funke. I used ‘had’ and would be talking in past tense because like you know, I am presently not on the Jenifa’s Diary series. And guess what? The news just broke lately, but I have been off the series since May,2016 (last year); it’s been over a year already.

My post would be in two parts; who Aunty Funke was to me (Juliana), and then, who I was to her. These are things only few people know but I am ready to let the world know.

Yes! I will start with her. Why? She’s an amazing person and I can’t wait for you to know how lovely she is on a one-on-one basis. We all have our flaws but we choose rather to celebrate our strengths. Here goes!

Aunty Funke to Juliana!


Aunty Funke met me for the first time at the auditions of Jenifa’s Diary (she did not know me prior to that day). She saw my talent and believed in me. I worked with her for years; she trained me and helped me in becoming a better actress. She would not take anything short of excellence from her cast. I honestly have not seen anyone in Nollywood more hard working than Aunty Funke. And she made it a duty to correct me and coach me on being better.


Aunty Funke helped pay my mum’s hospital bill for a fibroid surgery, two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000), because I had no money at that time. She also gave to the ministry dear to my heart, MINE Teenage Ministry when we were preparing for an event, one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) and my pastor called to appreciate her. So apart from my pay as an actress on the series (which I won’t mention), that’s all I received from her money-wise, asides from change she gave me for transport when leaving set because as at then, I used to jump bus, ‘keke’ and bike to and fro set up until I left the series…lol. But in all, God used her to meet that major need in my life at that time.


I fondly remember the times Aunty Funke would call me to her room while I was staying in her house (during set), and talk to me. She would take her time to advise me and encourage me as regards life in general. One particular day I treasure was the day she came to the room I stayed and told me, in a mother’s tone that I was beautiful and she warned me sternly never to bleach. I smile whenever I remember that. God bless her kind heart!p


Aunty Funke never ceased to celebrate me. Knowing how excellent she is at what she does (acting), I was shocked, elated and excited all at once the day she told me I was a good actress. She told me I would be great and celebrated. She saw years ago what is happening today. I am thankful for her words.

Juliana to Aunty Funke!


I was privileged to be the one holding Aunty Funke’s bag while on set. I ‘kept’ the money we spent on day-to-day running and was required to balance account afterwards. I don’t like Mathematics, so that was a lot of work…lol. Money was never unaccounted for in my keep. I ran errands for Aunty Funke and made sure all that was needed was supplied.


On set, on some occasions, when I was not acting, I was fanning and dabbing the faces of other actresses (including extras). So, this is for those that have accused me of being proud. Please ask those I fanned and dabbed while preparing to go on set later. On some occasions, I also did my own makeup and that of some other cast. All I wanted to do was SERVE; I wanted every set to be a success.


On set, there were different occasions I served cast and crew (plus extras) food and water. At some points, I joined in washing plates when the plates were not enough to go round. And times I was not acting, and I saw the ‘Mamas’ needed help, I joined them in washing plates. They are alive to bear witness.


I hardly forget things I memorised, so I knew the continuity of major characters on the set. Aunty Funke used to ask Costumiers to confirm costumes with me. On some occasions.I had to go to set earlier than others and leave later than others to sort out costumes, including wigs and other accessories. I looked forward to doing it and never once complained


I could not drive while on Jenifa’s Diary set, and I still cannot…lol but I woke up early on different occasions to wash Aunty Funke’s car. The times I didn’t wash, I dusted the car. She is a neat person, so I made sure the inside of the car and the boot were tidy and clean. For me, it was pleasure serving Aunty Funke.


I lived with Aunty Funke while set was on, so I counted it my duty to clean the house. She lived in a duplex at Chevron at that time, so I cleaned the entire house. Sweeping and moping from room to room. Scrubbing bathroom after bathroom. I arranged wardrobe after wardrobe, laid one bed after another. You would not know any of these if I am not saying this. I did all this with joy. She was special to me and you serve those you love. 


Aunty Funke is neat and very tidy and she does professional drycleaning. But there were times she needed a dress washed urgently and I helped her wash. Please don’t accuse me of being proud or rude to Aunty Funke again. I SERVED her WHOLEHEARTEDLY. 


Some of my fond memories with Aunty Funke are the times I cooked for Aunty Funke. I enjoyed cooking for her. I followed someone who lived with her then (name withheld) to market on different occasions to buy things we used to cook. Please note, I had a home of my own. I stayed with Aunty Funke only when we were shooting except times she specifically asked me to come over.


I learnt how to massage with Aunty Funke; I learnt on the job…lol. I knew she was usually tired when we got back so it was my pleasure to relieve her; she sometimes slept off while I massaged her. There was a day we were on location and we did not take the oil. Someone offered oil but as I held it, my spirit was not at peace. So, I bowed my head and prayed over the oil. I did not know Aunty Funke was watching me. When I opened my eyes, she asked what I did and I told her. Her response was “O se oko mi”, translated, “thank you my dear”.


There were different times Aunty Funke called me to pray on location, and sometimes at home. There was a time I gave her a Word of Knowledge. I had a dream once, I told her, and it happened the next day. I fasted and prayed with Aunty Funke and her sister. She called me to pray with her at midnight at some points. She knew from the onset that I was a Christian and that I was committed to prayer. There were different times we both prayed and asked God to give us sponsors. So, for those that have accused me of being “holier-than-thou”, that is the real me o! Everybody on every set I have gone, including Jenifa’s Diary, know I am unapologetically sold out to Jesus. I am not ‘deceiving’ anybody. That is my ‘real face’…lol


I had the pleasure of sitting and gisting with Aunty Funke at different points, whether at home or in the car. We would talk about the script. She sometimes had inspirations in the car and she would ask me to write it down so she doesn’t forget, and she would ask my opinion. I treasure those moments. Interestingly,there was a day we were talking at the house and her husband was there. I talked about loving High School movies and Musicals. I said I wondered why we didn’t have such in Nigeria. Then, we all started talking. JJC Skills even ‘drafted’ me into it already but we were just talking lightly. It is my joy that “INDUSTREET” is a reality today!

Let me stop here! So, with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that you shouldn’t believe everything you read until you hear from the source.

Your question now is, what happened? Hmmm! We had a misunderstanding and I cannot disclose what happened without Aunty Funke’s permission. But if you read all I said in the post, you would gather that we were quite close. And when two people get that close, misunderstandings are bound to occur.

All I have said, you can confirm. 100% truth and UNCENSORED!!!

So, it is God, who saw my faithfulness and commitment, Who is rewarding me and announcing me to the world. Dear aspiring celeb, please SERVE and not seek to be served. 

Much love!

Juliana Olayode.

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Veteran Actress Ngozi Ezeonu Shares Throwback Photo Of When She Was Younger (See Photos)

The Actress captioned the photo:

Serious TBT.. Remain blessed
She has always been beautiful! Keep glowing

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Heavy Container On A Truck Falls On A Car, Driver Miraculously Survived (See Photos)

These unbelievable photos shows the wreckage of a car after a shipping container fell on it ...but miraculously its driver survived. The accident happened at Akpajo area of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. 

Another photo below.

Photo credit: Stephanie Steve

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This Is What Happens When You're Waiting For Your African Dad To Say 'I Love You' In Words (Must See Photo)

You will grow old waiting...for some dads. I swear down!  See the photo below. Share if it cracked you up

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Video: Osuofia Speaks About Biafra: Nollywood Actor, Nkem Owoh Bares His Mind

Translated by Agumbaa

"if Nigeria wants to reorganize itself and live in justice and equity, why not give it a try, but if our people have checked everything, right from the end of the war, to the 3 Rs which I did not see any till this now, and then we say staying on our own is best for the long term, we all have to come together and support it".

"Nnamdi Kanu and his group has been peaceful so far, but it pains me so much when I read and watch videos of how police and soldiers attack our young ones, it broke my heart".

"To all our people in high political places, whether APC or PDP or any party you are in, you see the yearnings and agitations of our people and you shout "No No No", because you want to better your own lot, your family and grand children, be wise, there is nowhere food is cooked and kept ready for you, if you want to use your people and do politics, let me say this to you, what is coming, you will feel like you are immune to it, but you will be the first one to be cut out and reduced to nothing".

Watch Video Below

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Kidnapper Evans Faces Death Penalty Or Life Imprisonment As Ambode Signs Bill Into Law

The Lagos state Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has signed into law, the state kidnapping prohibition bill, 2016 which prescribes Life Imprisonment or death penalty for the offence of Kidnapping and forceful extortion in Lagos State, meaning that the recently arrested kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, a.k.a. Evans may get a life imprisonment or death penalty sentence. 

The law provides for death penalty for kidnappers whose victims die in their custody, and life imprisonment for the act of kidnapping.

He said that kidnapping had become a major threat to the safety of residents and, therefore, required decisive action by the government. 

“This law imposes a penalty of life imprisonment for kidnapping for ransom. “The law stipulates that, where a victim dies in the course of kidnapping, the suspect is liable on conviction to death. “Security is of utmost importance to our administration, and we are confident that this law will serve as a deterrent to anybody who may desire to engage in this wicked act within the boundaries of Lagos State. “Our justice system will be required to execute this law in absolute and make sure that any criminal caught faces the full wrath of the law,” he said.

Recall that Evans himself had advised kidnappers or intending ones to desist from the act, saying it does not pay any longer. He had said that if he can be caught, then nobody can escape the police being that the force has improved greatly in her anti-crime fight. 

Evans, a billionaire kidnap kingpin had successfully coordinated and masterminded several high profile kidnappings and armed robberies within Lagos, Anambra and Enugu States. 

According to him, 

“My advise to them is that as they are watching me standing here with policemen, they should stop everything about that, it doesn’t pay.” He gave the advise to other kidnappers while leading police operatives to two houses in Ejigbo and Igando areas of Lagos state where he keeps his victims until huge ransoms are paid. According to him, he keeps most of his victims in the two houses for months. He said he even pays up to seven hundred thousand Naira, (700,000) yearly for a three bedroom flat ├žells’ where the victims are kept. Upon departure from Igando area Evans had opined, “The Nigeria Police is not what it is used to be. They are far more advanced than they were. If they could arrest me, there is no criminal they can’t arrest.”

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Video: Woman Removes Her Neighbours Wrapper During A Fight In Their Compound (See Everything)

A viral video which is trending online features two women who were filmed shamelessly fighting themselves in their compound. One of the women ensured that she disgraced the other – as she removed the lady’s wrapper – leaving her totally unclad and exposed in front of everyone present.

The worst part is that the women’s children (including those crying) were present – watching their mothers fight in public.

The fight later ended when the men in the compound came to separate them.

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Tonto Dikeh: "I Paid My Own Bride Price" (See Leaked Chat)

In a new chat between Tonto Dikeh and her mother-in-law, the actress revealed she paid for her own bride price.

According to her, 

"Thinking back and after talking to Bimbo Coker, it's safe to say you are in on Kunle's fraud and dirty lifestyle. 
Flew your son, clothed him, gave him pocket money, helped him with every sweat in my body, you watched your son dupe me for all my hard earned money."

She went on to reveal even his ex-wife paid for her own wedding.

"You disappoint me even Bimbo Coker paid for her own wedding and bride price. Is this a curse?"

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Watch Davido's IF Remix/Cover By Nigerian Lady Sandra Ifudu (Watch And Download)

Powerful Cover! Since the release of Davido's "IF", the song has been widely accepted by different classes of Nigerians. The "30 Billion" mentioned in the song has also been used for sarcasm by different top Nigerian Celebrities. 

Sandra Ifudu who is a singer, decided to leverage on the popularity of the song to drop her cover/remix and as well sell her brand!

Watch Video Below and share your thoughts...

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Chizzy, A Female IMSU Graduate Serving In Jos Dies (See What Killed Her)

A 2016 female graduate of the department of Microbiology in the Faculty of biological and physical Sciences, Imo State University (IMSU), Owerri popularly known as Chizzy has passed on.

The corps member who recently passed out of NYSC camp and was posted to Jos, the Plateau State capital before she met her untimely death - died after coming down with pneumonia.

She reportedly died immediately she was moved down to Imo state yesterday, June 20th 2017.

May her soul rest in peace.

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Vera Sidika reacts to the leak of her nude photo by her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Yomi

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika, took to Instagram today to finally address a leaked nude photo, trending on East African blogs, that was allegedly released by her supposed Dubai based Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Yomi Johnson. (Read Here If You Missed The Gist)

Vera in a serious of posts called out her ex boyfriend, revealing that he threatened to deal with her after their relationship went south and make her life miserable. She accused him of releasing the photo in an attempt to disgrace her and that she even had a miscarriage after he told her he didn't want a baby. 

See screenshots from her shocking revelation below:

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Anyone Who Says Igbo Nation Will Not Be Achieved Will Die – Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu on Tuesday warned that anyone who insists that Biafra will not be achieved will die.

Kanu issued the warning while addressing a crowd of IPOB members at the palace of His Royal Majesty, Eze I.O Kanu in Isiama Afara Ukwu, Umuahia, Abia State..

Addressing the crowd, Kanu said,

“Yesterday, I asked Darlington to send a message to say that I want to see IPOBs here today, not too many of you I said but look at what came out.”  
“Because we are not going back, until the zoo agrees on a date for referendum, there will be no election here anymore.  
“We are starting with Anambra, that they may know that this land belongs to our ancestors. 
“This land must be set free, here we shall die, and here we shall be buried. 
“Anybody that says Biafra will not come, that person will not be alive!”

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#TheVoiceNigeria Season 2: Meet The Contestants And Watch All Actions From Episode 1 (Videos)

Oyea!!! The Voice Nigeria is BACK! And this is Season 2

We are already glued to the new season of the music talent show as we watched episode 1 tonight. If you are on Twitter, you’ll know that the show trended all through and is still trending right now.

Ok, now down to business.

Who was your favourite performer tonight?

We’ll say there were a number of good performances but Emmanuel and Olanrewaju won our hearts in this episode. Let’s see how it unfolds.

Emmanuel Precious ‘Survivor’ / Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Emmanuel Precious sings ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child. He says he would love to work with Timi or Waje and though he got all four coaches to turn, he chose to be on Team Timi.

Zorah Julius ‘Dangerous Woman’ / Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Zorah Julius sings Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, she said though she loved all the coaches, she felt Waje would best bring out her vocal strengths. She got three coaches to turn but still chose

Ifeoma Onu ‘When you believe’ / Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Ifeoma sings ‘When you believe’ by Whitney Houston and got all the coaches singing along with her but Yemi Alade was the first to turn, followed by Patoranking. Talent chose to be on Team Yemi.

Jahtell Ilem ‘Freaking Perfect’/ Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Jahtell sings ‘Freaking Perfect’ by Pink and got 2 turns in Timi and Waje. She impressed Timi so much that he walked on to stage to ask for her autograph.

Jahnomso Ilem ‘Fly like an eagle’/ Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Jahnomso Ilem sings ‘Fly like an eagle’ by Seal, he got Yemi Alade to turn at the last second.

Favour Idugbe ‘kilon popping’ / Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Favour Idugbe sings Kilon Popping by Ms Jaie and got all four coaches to turn and she chose Team Patoranking, after which her sister revealed that she’s always had a crush on Patoranking.

Afolayan Alabi Adeleke ‘I will make love to you’ / Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Afolayan sings ‘I will make love to you’ by Boys to Men and got the coaches all talking to themselves as they seemed enthralled by his singing but he got only one chair turn, Team Patoranking.

Olanrewaju Omowa ‘That stupid song’ / Blind Auditions / The Voice Nigeria Season 2
Olanrewaju Omowa sings ‘That stupid song’ by Bez and even got the coaches singing along with her, but Team Yemi wins her over.

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Racism: Woman Demands To See White Doctor In Clinic (Must Watch Video)

A woman’s shocking racist tirade in a Canadian clinic was captured on video. The woman in the video repeatedly asks for a white doctor to see her adolescent son who is complaining of chest pains.

When told there are no white doctors until 4 p.m., the woman flew into a rage.

She repeatedly asked to see a “white doctor” who “speaks English” and doesn’t have “brown teeth.”

“There isn’t one white doctor in this whole entire building? “Oh, my God. What type of horrible country do I live in?” the woman said.

The 4-minute tirade was captured on video by another patient in the waiting room of a clinic in Ontario that is staffed by foreigners from India or Pakistan.

People in the waiting room are heard shouting “Go to a hospital!”

Watch Video Below

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"My Marriage With Tonto Dikeh Is Over. She Pushed My Mum Down" - Churchill (Must Read)

Last weekend, fresh reports surfaced online about the 7-month old crisis rocking Tonto Dikeh's relationship with her estranged hubby, Olakunle Churchill. A text message she sent to her mother-in-law was released online and Churchill's first wife also came into picture supporting Tonto Dikeh and threatening to expose Churchill.

LIB met Churchill at a conference where he spoke about unveiling a new Anti-Domestic Violence programme. Though reluctant at first, Churchill agreed to speak with us. 

In this tell-all interview, Churchill calls out Azuka of Media Room Hub who he says refused to publish the evidence he gave to her because she has mutual friends with Tonto Dikeh. He also went to say he's done fighting to save the relationship.

Let's talk about your new domestic violence initiative?

The domestic violence campaign that we are embarking on with some partners from United Kingdom. We'll be setting up a domestic violence center where we'll have a call center to link up cases of emergencies with hospitals and police stations to give quick response and aids to victims of domestic violence. The issue of domestic violence cuts across men and women but most times the attention and focus is always on women, so this initiative seeks to investigate and examine all cases of domestic violence because we'll be working with the police and relevant authorities.

Your relationship with Tonto Dikeh has been marred with accusations of domestic violence, how do you intend to deal with that and your new campaign?

The truth is, what you read in the news is different from reality. My partner fights dirty and that's what she's put out there. Tonto will say anything to sound believable and gain public sympathy and that's what she puts out there. It's not real, I've never laid my hands on her ever. I'm not a violent person and I'm not temperamental, as a matter of fact I don;t take offence on anything at all, that's how God made me, people who are close to me knows this, when I'm upset about something I simply avoid the offender and come to terms with the fact that I don't need such vibes around me.

So how do you defend allegations that you beat her, made her lose a 4-month pregnancy and always cheat on her.

They are all fabricated, because my partner believes she's a celebrity and she can make people believe whatever she wants them to believe and using her celebrity status to manipulate people to believe what she wants and she's in the business of make-belief but I'm a businessman, a man of very few words too. I am a private person, but she prides herself on the fact that she has the platform and fan base to bring anyone down and she also feels by the time she deals with me, I'll come back begging.

I met Tonto like 6-months before she took in, so where did the initial 4 months pregnancy come from or did it come after she gave birth to my son? 

Because she traveled during her pregnancy and came back when King was 4-month old and we had only stayed together for about 6-months after that before all the issues started, she was still breast feeding. And if indeed she had and lost a 4-month pregnancy, that will require for her to do an evacuation, which hospital did it for her and evidence does she have? It was all done to bring down my image and o destroy my reputation.

Have you actually attempted to beg and make peace?

Yes I have. The main thing that started this fight was between she and my mum and it was very dirty. I bought a house for my mum in Lekki and she came over from overseas so we can do a house warming party to launch it and just 24-hours before the house warming party, my partner got angry over a very flimsy issue and she just started breaking stuffs and scattering the house and in the process while my mum was trying to calm her down, she pushed my mum down as well. I had never seen that in my life, I had to prostrate for my mum to apologize and that was how the house warning party was cancelled because it was just 24-hours to the party and Tonto had destroyed the house, breaking and damaging things.

This happened on December 20th and the following day I packed a few of my things and traveled to Ghana. So I felt she was scared or confused on how to handle it, so she went online and started the stunts by removing Churchill from her name. And don't forget, I said this issue happened on December 20th, on the 22nd, she had one of her charity events where she kicked off a road construction work at The Karamajiji Colony Abuja of people living with disabilities on Friday, December 23, 2016 courtesy of the Big Church Foundation pledge at the walk for love event. She looked all good without any signs of beating or domestic violence which shows it was a false allegation that i laid my hands on her.

In fairness to her, while I was in Ghana, she sent a lot of text messages to apologize but I guess I took too long because I was away for over two weeks and then she just switched on me. Truth is I was actually In shock. She did that just one day to my mum's event, we had already called people, invited pastors to bless the house and all only to cancel it at the last minute because my partner destroyed the house.

So she played a fast one when I saw the story on Stella's blog with the 'rumors had it stunt' in January this year which began this whole process. Truth is, I only traveled to Ghana for a charity event with my staffs from the Abuja office just before my birthday,

What do you think is making her this bitter to fight you this much despite the love that once existed between you two?

Some people simply don't like to loose a battle and because she's a celebrity, what happened was too heavy for her to bear. She felt if the news got out, it'll be bad for her so she switched it and once she started to play the victim card, she had to continue it but it got to a point when she left my house with my son and nanny before I came back to Nigeria and she went on to grant an interview where she accused me of domestic violence and it's all lies, there's nothing like a four month pregnancy or any of the other lies. I was not even in the country when she claimed she ran away from the house because of domestic violence. So it was all planned and she took her time to pack everything because the estate still has the CCTV footage of her moving out with a Sienna and a truck.

From that interview with Azuka, she showed images of an alleged domestic violence, but she also put on a pendant (with the diamond crown customized with my son's name which I handed over to her on December 1, 2016. And in the same picture, she alleged loosing 4-months pregnancy wearing the same cloth and the same pendant. It just doesn't make sense bearing in mind that the fracas happened at my mum's home on December 20th so the timelines just don't match. she keeps complicating herself. Even the pictire she showed during the interview was shown from her phone, it wasn't clear.

Then you also granted your own interview as well?

Yea, I wouldn't have granted that interview, but the allegations were too much and because of my brand. She called me a murderer, wife beater, claimed I gave her STDs and even said my foundation is a scam and everyone knows we don;t collect money from any one for the foundation, we only use the 10% profit from Big Church Group to run it, just like paying tithe. 

So I had to grant the interview when the Azuka lady from MediaRooom Hub came to me to debunk those allegations but unfortunately all the evidences I gave to Azuka was never used. I heard Azuka also went to Ghana to make findings from the embassy and police but she refused to publish all the truth she found out because she has mutual friends with Tonto Dikeh. God knows I wouldn't have granted her the interview, but they were the ones who interviewed my partner so I felt it was right I also speak through the same medium with facts.

Do you think there's still room to make it work out between you guys?

Oh, I've tried, but it's just like seeing danger and you going for it. I tried to get the relationship back so I could help her condition and because of my kid but she doesn't want peace. 

While you guys were together, you produced a movie 'Kada River', why didn't she act in it? 

For me, my work life is different from my family life, I try to separate it. When we started work on the movie, we weren't really in god terms even though I told her about the project. The truth is, instead of her wasting this much energy in trying to bring her husband down, I think she can put that energy to good use by going back to work and be productive. If you don't want the marriage again, you don't need to be dramatic about it by telling the world because they really don't care about you. I think she should go back to movies, reconcile with people she's offended in the industry and be humble.

What's the relationship with your son and your reaction to the fact that she dressed as you to attend his father's day event in school?

That's the main reason why I was trying to make it work, because she does somethings that are not normal at all. And only someone close to her can save her because she needs help. It's been 7-months now and all she's been doing is to give me a bad name.

She makes it look like I don't care about my son. I help other kids, so why will i ignore my son. Since my son got back to country when he was 4-months, I opened a Zenith bank account for him and his mum is he sole signatory to that account. I put money in that account regularly. I send money to her own account as well and she won't even acknowledge the money when she gets it but she goes on saying I don't take care of my son.

I've invited her family over to try and make peace but she's been deceiving everyone and goes back online to pull her stunts and the truth is King's passport has been with me since he got back from the states.

She recently said she's taken King to alot of countries in the last one year?

King has never stepped out of Africa since he got back at 4-month old. I have been with his international passport, the only place he could have gone is Ghana with hos Ecowas passport in her possession.

A few days back, your first wife also came online to speak against your mum?

The true story about that is this My first wife and marriage was a mistake, I was rushed into it. We had only dated for 6-weeks before we did something in her church. there was no registry, court. We didn't even go through the normal process of counselling and all that, like I said we had only dated for 6-weeks. I only got to know later that the church thing we did was fast tracked. We had separated for 2-years and 7-months before I met Tonto. The priest form the church said the marriage was wrong and should be annulled but she insisted on getting paper works when Tonto started with her Mr X saga. and I don't like wasting my life or my time so I had to move on because she told me she has moved on too and we didn't have any child together. So in all honesty, we had gone our separate ways before Tonto Dikeh came into the picture and Tonto knew about it all and the process of getting the paperwork sorted from my first marriage since she insisted and that is why I and Tonto didn't didn't do any official yet till we got it sorted out.

So we only went to meet the chiefs in Tonto's place because she was pregnant. We've not even done the proper traditional marriage. So I kind of find the connection between my first wife and Tonto Dikeh very strange because the last I know, they weren't on talking terms and they never met but then I also know Tonto can do anything to bring me down even as the father of her child.

Both of them seem to have an attack against your mum in common as well?

What they are doing is planned. I see they've been liking each other's posts on Instagram and the way Tonto operates is this. If she wants to bring you down, she'll be friends with your enemy, she fights so hard. 

But the truth is, they both had issues with my mum, and I don't understand why my wife will not respect my mum. I can't just get married to you in one year and you are insulting my mum and calling her names, pushing her down. They know I love my mum so much and will do anything for her. It's not like you are lacking or suffering as a wife but anytime I do something for my mum, it becomes a problem. I know what that woman has been through, she goes on many days dry fasting for my sake so you don't expect me to allow her to be disrespected.

In conclusion, what's the plan you have for your son?

For my son, I don't want him to grow up in that kind of environment and I also didn't want to do anything to hurt Tonto because she's the mother of my child. In real life, I'm easy going, I'm not a trouble maker but the way she paints me as a trouble maker, I should have gone to her house and forcefully take my son or take her to court and start dragging a case, but I've not done none of that, I'm letting her take her time because he's my son and no one can take that away.

Tonto is the kind of person that I can go to her house to see my son and just knocking at her door, she'll scream domestic violence again, she knows how to manipulate things, so you have to be very careful with that kind of person.

Reflecting over everything now, do you think you relationship with her was a mistake?

Yes it was and I knew it when I was going into it. I knew I was going into danger, but I was ready to go into it to save her, but right now I do not care anymore, I'm done, I can' deal with it anymore. I don't want the relationship anymore. She says I borrowed money from her and I'm like how? where is the evidence? At least I gave her 10 million naira last Christmas and I have proof of payment, so if she borrowed me money, she should prove it.

All these kind of negativity comes from someone who said she fasted 21 days before she met me, someone who said I brought her closer to God, so where is God in this situation and the way she wants my downfall?

Now that you are single again, would you consider going into any relationship again?

NO. I don't have any plans for that. Now it's just business because I'm still in shock.

Credit: LIB

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JAY-Z Changes Stage Name Again, Leaves Fans Confused (Must See)

Rap mogul JAY-Z has changed his stage name again. The 47-year-old whose real name is Shawn Carter dropped the hyphen in his nom de guerre prior to the release of his album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Now he has added the hyphen and stylized his name in all caps as JAY-Z.

The name change confused his loyal fan base of teenagers and senior citizens who are anticipating the release of his new visual album, titled simply 4:44, due out later this month.

According to, a Roc Nation representative confirmed the name change which also happens to coincide with the birth of his IVF babies last Monday (according to gossip tabloid TMZ).

JAY-Z’s wife Beyonce, 36, reportedly gave birth to the IVF twins after she was hospitalized last week with complications related to her high risk pregnancy.

The Empire State Of Mind star was seen leaving his Beverly Hills mansion with a bodyguard and two friends heading to Soul Cycle gym in West Hollywood on Monday, June 19.

The aging rapper wore a black hoodie and shorts. He was later photographed exiting the gym through the loading dock, where he flashed smiles to waiting photographers while getting back into his car.

Neither JAY-Z or Beyonce have publicly commented on the birth of their twins, a boy and a girl. However, Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowlesconfirmed their arrival by Tweeting on Saturday: 

“They’re here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday. Happy Birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad.”

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Tiwa Savage Sex Tape: Did The Singer Really Do A Se'x Video? (Must See)

Tiwa Savage 2017 Sextape Released by Tee Billz(Video)

This photo (which looks more like a poorly photoshpped image) has been making the rounds on social media. There are claims that the video footage was released by the singer's estranged husband. 

This post is to dismiss the rumour and also to tell fans and well wishers of the singer that there is no se'x video anywhere.

It is normal for rumours to trail a celebrity so its not a big deal!

Thanks for reading... Do well to share this post!

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Uche Jombo's Marriage Having Crisis? Actress Reacts To Rumours Of Her Marital Issues (Must Read)

Actress Uche Jombo Rodriguez has reacted to rumours that she is having marital issues. Earlier this morning, some websites reported that all may not be well in Rodriguez family after Uche Jombo removed her husband's name from her Instagram page. She took to her Instagram page to react it stating that she is taking her family off social media. 

She wrote;

"Good morning ujlovers. ... Been on it for a while through my posts but officially taking my family off social media..please respect that! Thanks for understanding..stop with the evil insinuations.

Feel free to drop a comment below... Do you think she's hiding something?

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Juliet Ibrahim And Iceberg Slim Dating? Read The Truth Here (Must Read)

The pair who have been dating for a while now are now open about their relationship. People claim she is madly in love with him. 

They are both single parents as Juliet has a son and Iceberg is a father to a girl.

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are back together again (Must Read)

It's probably safe now to say that what Rob and Chyna's have is a merry-go-round relationship; it keeps going up and down and back and forth. The pair is back together again according to reports from TMZ.

Rob has been in Chyna's house since last week and hasn't left. They both spent Father's day together and took their daughter to Disneyland and afterwards they both returned to Chyna's house. 

He's been there every day and every night for almost one week and rumour has it they've even been hosting pool parties and BBQs with friends and were recently spotted taking hikes together.

Another indication that they are probably back together is that Chyna dropped a lot of money on gifts for Father's Day, including a Louis Vuitton bag, a customized Dodgers hat, sneakers and white and blue roses emblazoned with an "R" believed to be for Rob. Their reconciliation reportedly has nothing to do with TV but was something they both wanted to do.

For how long they will be together is something we'll all just have to wait and see.

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Kate Henshaw reacts to viral picture of Policemen with billionaire kidnapper Evans (See Photos)

The actress expressed her displeasure over this photo of some men who appear to be posing with arrested billionaire kidnapper, Evans.

You can tell they are 'honored to be in his presence''

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#TontoDikehChallenge: Nigerians start a #TontoDikehChallenge On Social Media (See Photos)

Nigerians have started a #TontoDikehChallenge on Facebook and it's the most hilarious thing ever. The Challenge started after the actress dressed as a man for her son's Father's day school celebration. Since then, Facebook users have been sharing photos of themselves crossing dressing on the platform. 

See more photos below

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Checkout These Photos Of Michelle Obama Working Out (See Photos)

The former US First Lady shared photos of herself at a boot camp over the weekend in Washington D.C. where she and her husband Barack Obama have been living since leaving the White House.

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Cesc Fabregas Having And Erection While Kissing His Woman? (See Photo)

Footballer, Cesc Fabregas shares kissing photo with his woman, but when you look down, it looks like he had a hard

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Otto Warmbier dies days after being brought back to the US from North Korea

The University of Virginia student, Otto Warmbier, who was held in North Korea for 15 months has died days after being brought back to the United States in a coma. Warmbier was returned to his family in Ohio just a week ago after spending 17 months in North Korea where he was arrested.

His death was announced in a statement released by his family via the hospital which he was taken to last week upon his return to the United States. 

Otto Warmbier (pictured before he suffered brain damage in 2016) has died days after being brought back to the United States in a coma from North Korea

"It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home. Surrounded by his loving family, Otto died today at 2:20pm.

It would be easy at a moment like this to focus on all that we lost — future time that won’t be spent with a warm, engaging, brilliant young man whose curiosity and enthusiasm for life knew no bounds. But we choose to focus on the time we were given to be with this remarkable person. You can tell from the outpouring of emotion from the communities that he touched — Wyoming, Ohio and the University of Virginia to name just two — that the love for Otto went well beyond his immediate family.

We would like to thank the wonderful professionals at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who did everything they could for Otto. Unfortunately, the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today. 

When Otto returned to Cincinnati late on June 13th he was unable to speak, unable to see and unable to react to verbal commands. He looked very uncomfortable — almost anguished. Although we would never hear his voice again, within a day the countenance of his face changed — he was at peace. He was home and we believe he could sense that.

We thank everyone around the world who has kept him and our family in their thoughts and prayers. We are at peace and at home too."

Warmbier was 21 when he was arrested for stealing a poster from a hotel in North Korea during a trip there.

He was accused of committing a 'hostile act' against the dictator-led country and ws sentenced to 15 years of hard labour.

Last week, suddenly, he was released and allowed to return home to the US. 

When he returned, however, doctors were horrified by his condition. He was unable to speak or communicate at all with his family and doctors described his state as one of 'unresponsive wakefulness.'

Upon his release, the North Korean regime blamed Warmbier's condition on botulism - a form of food poisoning which they said he'd suffered since the day he was sentenced. 

The man's father rejected the claim, blaming his almost vegetative state on how it treated him.
'There's no excuse for the way the North Koreans treated our son and the way they have treated so many others,' Fred Warmbier said at a press conference last week. 

A video taken days before his arrest was released by his devastated family last week. 
It showed him throwing snowballs with his friends, oblivious to the bleak fate which awaited him. 

Source: UK Daily Mail

His story from Wikipedia 

Fred Warmbier stated that his son Otto was traveling in China at the end of 2015 when he saw a company offering trips to North Korea. He decided to go because he was adventurous, according to his father, who accused the tour operator of specifically targeting young Westerners with slogans like, "This is the trip your parents don't want you to take!" Fred Warmbier said the China-based tour operator, Young Pioneer Tours, advertised the trip as safe for U.S. citizens.[2]

Warmbier traveled to North Korea for a five-day New Year's tour of the country organized by Young Pioneer Tours. Ten other U.S. citizens were in his tour group.[4][14][15][16][17] During his stay at the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang, Warmbier allegedly stole a propaganda sign from a staff-only floor of the hotel.[18] The poster said, "Let's arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong-il's patriotism!". Harming such items with the name or image of a North Korean leader is considered a serious crime by the government.[19]

According to Warmbier's parents, the story about the poster was fabricated by authorities in order to detain him, and he was abducted at the airport when he was trying to leave the country.[2] A video purporting to show the theft was released by state-run Korean Central News Agency on March 18, 2016. In the 18-second low-resolution video, an unrecognizable figure removes the sign from the wall and places it on the floor, leaning it against the wall. This action is shown twice, followed by a higher-resolution picture of the sign on the wall. The face of the person removing the poster is not seen during the video clip.[20][21]

Arrest and convictionOn January 2, 2016, Warmbier was arrested for theft just prior to departing North Korea from Pyongyang International Airport.[9] The other guests in his tour group all left the country without incident. His crime was described as "a hostile act against the state" by the North Korean news agency KCNA.[16]

In a news conference on February 29, 2016, Warmbier confessed to stealing a piece of North Korean propaganda to take back to the United States. He said he stole the banner for the mother of a friend who wanted it as a souvenir to be hung on the wall of a church in his hometown of Wyoming. He was offered a used car worth $10,000 as payment or if he was detained and didn't return, $200,000 would be paid to his mother in the form of a charitable donation. Warmbier said he accepted the offer because his family was "suffering from very severe financial difficulties."[22] He also said he was encouraged in his act by his desire to join the Z Society, a "semi-secret ring society" and philanthropic organization at the University of Virginia.[18]
Warmbier's confession was as follows:

I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country, I wish that the United States administration never manipulate people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. I entirely beg you, the people and government of the DPRK, for your forgiveness. Please! I made the worst mistake of my life![23]
However, Warmbier's father later said the confession was coerced and that the story about the used car and church in Wyoming was nonsensical.[2]

On March 16, 2016, two hours after U.S. envoy Bill Richardson met with two North Korean diplomats from the United Nations office to press for Warmbier's release;[24] Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor

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US CEO's Give Trump An "F" For His 130 Days As President (Must Read)

During his 2016 campaign, President Trump went on and on about his apparent business prowess, but since he assumed power business leaders seem alarmed by Trump’s political skills or lack of.

A survey conducted at the annual Yale CEO Summit shows 50% of the CEOs, business execs, government officials and academics give Trump an “F” for his first 130 days in office. Released last week, the survey found that another 21% give Trump’s performance a “D” while 1% of the 125 leaders polled gave the President an “A.”

CNN reports, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, the Yale School of Management professor who led the summit said the message from CEOs is: “Stop the random 3 a.m. tweets and stop the needless brushfires diverting from the agenda”. 80% of those surveyed are CEOs, including Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman and IBM boss Ginni Rometty, who are on Trump’s advisory council. “This was not a granola-eating crowd of Democrat entrepreneurs. It’s a cross-section of the business community, including some who are quite pro-Trump,” Sonnenfeld said.

President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord earlier this month also sparked a volatile response from the CEO’S.Many of the leaders across the tech industry and in business slammed the decision. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein tweeted for the very first time calling the move a “setback” for U.S. leadership in the world.

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Nigerian single mum dresses up like a man to celebrate Fathers day (Must See Photos)

Facebook user, Ebere Amalaha who is a single mum, dressed up like a man to celebrate Fathers Day which was yesterday June 18th. Posting these photo of herself dressed in a male attire, 

she wrote 

"Happy Father's Day to all the single mum out there God bless us".

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